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Tyler Tuchow, founder of Kensington & Company brings his knowledge of finance from years as Finance Director at Mercedes Benz. Investing in properties of his own and finding the next untapped neighborhoods, enables investors to benefit from his expertise in finding the right property.Tremendous amount of research is done to find proposed and approved developments to get the jump on pre-construction.

Located on East Las Olas Blvd. at 1038 (map), Kensington & Company provides sellers and buyers tremendous visibility on the most famous street in Fort Lauderdale.

Tyler has brought together a core group of young energetic agents working as a team with every client. Many of our agents are bi-lingual speaking, French, Spanish and Hebrew. Unlike many real estate companies, Kensington opens at 8:30 A.M. to accommodate those early risers. Many evenings the office closes at 10:00 P. M. All our agents are on call 24 hours, for many of our clients come from out of the country.

We’re looking forward to including you in our family. Please consider us in listing your home or finding that very special property to purchase.

Welcome to The Kensington and Company Inc.


Boynton Beach Homes for sale – A Wise Way to Invest

Lot of people are interested in buying real estate property these days either to secure their future or to build their home. Boynton Beach situated on Florida’s Gold Coast offers a great place to live in. Its dynamic lifestyle and oceanfront location attract people towards it. The beautiful view from the apartments is a big reason why people want to buy property in this particular area. This vary place is capable of fulfilling all the basic and modern needs of the citizens. Incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean is enough to describe the beauty of the Boynton Beach. Boynton Beach Homes for Sale is a world of luxury amenities. They provide you with the swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, golf course and valet parking facility within the boundaries of a community.
It is must to consider a location if you are going to buy your dream home. Spend your hard earned money in purchasing a home that is near by a city beautiful. Buying a home in Boynton’s beach allows you to avail the services of five star hotels, shopping centres, multiplexes and many other entertainment zones. Boynton Harbor Marina and Boynton Beach Mall are the best places for you if you are shopaholic. It is suitable for all different walks of people. It offers home to nuclear families as well as to joint families as per the requirement of the client.
It is absolutely a right decision to move to Boynton’s beach if you want to enjoy the different colours of life. The unmatched quality of life and pleasant climate will provide you with an unforgettable experience. You can also visit Boynton Beach as a tourist spot to spend your vacations with your family. It’s upon you and your financial status whether you afford to buy a home or otherwise rental apartments or condominiums are also available which do not make hole in your pocket at all. So invest your money today to maximize it as the property rates keep on increasing with the time.
We can’t even think of to waste our hard earned cash so it will be good to take the help of agent or broker to make your deal successful. He knows better that what it all requires to be done. If you are interested in Boynton Beach Homes for Sale you can contact our agent anytime that will make you understand about the fluctuations in real estate market.


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